How it Works

Vendfinder can be used as a customer or as a vendor

As a Vendor

Step 1: Register

Vendors are to go to the registration page, fill in their details and verify their phone number and submit.
On successful  registration vendors will be redirected to their dashboard.

Step 2: Make a one time payment

On successful registration, vendors will be redirected to a package page on the dashboard.
Vendors are to make a one-time payment of 500 naira as a service charge on the platform before vendors are able to post ads on the platform.
Note: Our payment sytem is safe and secure

Step 3: Update Profile Details

After successful payment, on the profile page of the dashboard, Vendors are to fill and update profile information to increase credibility and so users can have contact information of vendors when checking your ads

Step 4: Start Posting ads

On successful update of your profile details.
You can start posting ads by clicking on the Post Ads button, fill in details of the ad upload pictures of the ads, and publishing it.
Note: the more detailed your ad the higher chance of customers contact you for the product.

As a Customer

Step 1: Search for your ads

Customer do not need to register to check ads, just input the product you and looking for and click on search and the corresponding products will be listed.

Step 2: Filter your search

Customers can also choose to filter their search to get a more tailored range of products.

Step 3: Contact Vendor

When customers find the most suitable product, customers are to initiate  contact with the corresponding vendor using the contact details of the vendor.

Step 4: Make Purchase

Customers are advised never to pay to any vendor without checking product physically, always meet your seller at safe place and make sure you do not pay any extra amount for the name of Vendfinder